About us

Welcome to Oriental K, the home of authentic and flavorsome Asian cuisine in Geelong. Dine with us and savor the culinary delights of Korea and Japan, our menu brimming with both traditional specialties and creative new dishes. Here at Oriental K, we are passionate about skillful cooking techniques and ensure every bite is one to savour, whether our customers order Korean bibimbap or Japanese udon. You’ll find signature seasoning like ponzu, miso, and kimchi throughout the food, as well as premium ingredients such as Wagyu beef, fresh seafood, and flavorsome produce.

Located on Pakington Street in Geelong West, our dining room has a modern interior and minimalist design that gives off a warm and casual atmosphere. Teamed alongside our delicious food and genuine hospitality, dining at Oriental K is ideal for meeting friends, family, colleagues or a special someone. After all, an Asian feast is best shared with loved ones. We look forward to your visit!